Aurora Technologies will help guide you into the world of digital signage. Our industry experience has led us to a simplistic solution, giving you everything necessary to drive powerful and entertaining content to an unlimited number of screens from a remote location.

  • Proven technology that works. 
  • Simply purchase our affordable computer and pay a low monthly cost for software support and upgrades. You’ll love our down to earth prices.
  • Instantly display still graphics, animated images or videos in your desired locations.
  • Conveniently turn any television or projector into a digital sign by connecting our computer and providing an Internet connection.
  • You’re in total control of your content, ALWAYS.
  • No long-term contracts.
    Call us today to learn more about how digital signage can benefit your organization.

our software

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  • Runs seamlessly with hardware.
  • Easy to understand, implement, operate and maintain.
  • Manage content on one screen or a network of screens from anywhere with a web connection.
  • Unlimited software upgrades at no additional cost.
  • Crystal clear product training.
  • Easy to use ticker and reporting.
  • Date and time specific content scheduling.
  • Patent pending.


  • Compact design allows for easy, invisible mount behind screen.
  • Display information on any television or projector with HDMI connection.
  • Reliable and responsive tech support.
  • Easy to install.
  • Connect directly to Internet or run on Wifi.
  • Package includes computer, peripherals.
  • Schedule television on/off by hours of operation to save energy and shelf-life of your equipment.
  • Bluetooth accessiblity.

Who We Service

Ad NetworksCorporateFinancialEducation
1 You keep all of the advertising income you generate.
2 Load an ad in the software and decide which of your locations you want to display the video or image without ever having to physically update the screens.
3 Sample contracts, marketing materials, spec ads available to help you get started.
1 Communicate key information to employees and visitors.
2 Keep employees informed about important announcements and events; show training videos, safety procedures, and messages from management.
3 Instantly display emergency alert messages and evaculation procedures.
1 Inform customers about other banking products and current interest rates.
2 Provide a community feel within each branch by promoting local events and welcoming visitors.
3 Show training vidoes and messages from the home office.
1 Keep students, teachers, and visitors informed on events, policies, awards and accolades.
2 Provide maps in the lobby and other high-traffic areas to assist new students, parents, and visitors.
3 Deliver student network news, emergency alerts, public safety information, or faculty training videos.
RestaurantsRe-SellerMalls, Retail Stores, Supermarkets
1Control food costs by posting changes to your menu instantaneously at the point of sale.
2Marketing strategy no longer has to be set in advance for printing, daily specials,
seasonal specials.
3Personalize each franchise and location by displaying images of the general manager and welcoming customers with a local flair.
1Remain on the cutting edge of technology by offering your clients a user-friendly and affordable digital signage option.
2Aurora has a proven software that can be tailored to your small or extremely large clients.
3Training, customer service, proven software, technical support available anytime you need it.
1 Educate and Inform customers about loyalty programs. Ideal for supermarkets and grocers.
2 Promote new products, special offers and sales using in-store screens. Showcase product demonstrations and testimonials.
3 Deliver ads from suppliers or third-party advertisers on digital retail signage.
4 Show maps or directions of your store or mall near the entrance or lobby area.
5 Easy networkability from one central location – particularly ideal for a business with multiple stores.
6 Increase foot-traffic by installing store window displays. Ideal for convenience stores.

Simplifying the


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Bonus Income If you choose to generate income by selling advertising on your screens, never pay Aurora any advertising revenue
Repeat Upload, Schedule, Launch infinite times

Easy Artwork
Upload process

Supported file types include 1920x1080 JPEG, JPG, PNG and GIF as well as .mp4, .m4v and .wmv video files. Videos may be any length.
Log-in to the Aurora software from your work computer and easily upload your message.
Select the screens within your network where you would like your message to be displayed. Our easy to use filters make selecting one screen, a group of screens or all screens effortless
Your customers and employees will immediately be informed of any changes in your business. Enjoy instant communication, without the wait and waste of printed material.

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